REPORT: Women’s March Leader Linda Sarsour Enabled Sexual Assault Against Female Employee

Women’s March leader and Islamic activist Linda Sarsour has been accused by a former employee of enabling sexual assault and sexual harassment, along with body shaming her for speaking out about the assaults.

Asmi Fathelbab has made a claim that Sarsour, executive director of Arab American Association during the time of the incident, was notified of the attacks which included “groping and unwanted touching”. The report coming from The Daily Caller said there were two additional witnesses whom were “directly familiar with the matter.”


Fathelbab claims that Sarsour dismissed the allegations and even went on a verbal attack of the female employee calling her a liar, body-shamming her and threatening to fire her.

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“While this would go on, the acting director, Linda Sarsour, would tell me each time that I was over reacting, even threatened to fire me once when she heard me screaming from the second floor because this man came out of nowhere and touched me,” Fathelbab said in her statement. “According to Sarsour, something like that did not happen to someone that looked like ‘me’ and no one would ever believe me if I ever told them what happened. How dare I interrupt her TV news interview in the other room with my lies.”

The assault started in 2009 by Major Seif — a man who lived in the building the Arab American Association officed out of — whom allegedly stalked her.

“I was stalked to and from work and inside the building,” Fathelbab said to The Daily Caller. “I complained to a supervisor that there was a strange man stalking me and was informed that he did not actually work there but lived upstairs above the office.”

“He would sneak up on me during times when no one was around and, depending on what floor I was on, you could hear me scream at the top of my lungs,” Fathelbab said. “He would pin me against the wall and rub his crotch on me.”

Seif reportedly sued Fathelbab and even had the police called on her for lying.

“On top of that, later that afternoon I had a visit from a community liaison Detective from the NYPD. He came to my office locked the door and proceed[ed] to tell me he was there to arrest me for making a false statement regarding being stalked, sexually harassed and sexually assaulted. I had to talk him out from arresting me that night and explain that I was the victim,” Fathelbab said.

She said that Sarsour threatened her career if she went public with what had happened.

“She told me he had the right to sue me for false claims,” Fathelbab continued. “Linda Sarsour [informed] me that she would make sure I would never work in New York City ever again for as long as she lived. She’s kept her word. She had me fired from other jobs when she found out where I worked. She has kept me from obtaining any sort of steady employment for almost a decade.”

Multiple witnesses have confirmed Fathelbab’s account of events, one whom worked for the Arab American Association for more than 10 years and stated Sarsour fat-shamed Fathelbab.

“They made it about her weight, saying she was not attractive enough to be harassed and then swept it under the rug,” the source said. “It was Linda Sarsour, Ahmad Jaber and Habib Joudeh who took care of it.”

Sarsour is known for her anti-America, anti-Israel comments.

Earlier this year she said in an interview with The Nation, “When you talk about feminism you’re talking about the rights of all women and their families to live in dignity, peace, and security. Israel is a country that continues to occupy territories in Palestine, has people under siege at checkpoints…There can’t be…feminism. You either stand up for the rights of all women, including Palestinians, or none.”

Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik, who is an Orthodox Jew, commented on how absurd this statement was.

“Zionism is the belief in the right of the Jewish people to have an autonomous state in Israel,” Bialik wrote on her website GrokNation. “I am a Zionist. Feminism is the belief that a woman-driven movement can bring about race, class and gender equality and that women deserve all of the rights and privileges afforded to men. I am a feminist.”

Bialik continued, “As a feminist Zionist, I can’t believe I am being asked to choose or even defend my religious, historical and cultural identity. The ‘left’ needs to reexamine the microscope they use to look at Israel, and we all need to take a step back and remember we are stronger together: women, men, lovers of peace, and lovers of freedom and justice.”

And of course we can’t forget Sarsour’s call for jihad on our nation:


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