Reporter’s Purse Snatched Right Outside Oakland Police Headquarters

self-defense-art_0Editor’s Note: A reporter was robbed right outside of a police station in Oakland. You hear stories about bad response time, but this one is just embarrassing. No matter how competent the cops are, you still need to be able to protect yourself.

It’s happened again. Another reporter has been victimized by criminals in Oakland, only this one takes the cake.

KTVU reporter/anchor Heather Holmes had her purse stolen from a TV truck on Monday night — while she and a camera operator were parked near Oakland police headquarters. The subject of her live report? A violent daylight robbery of a woman in North Oakland.

Holmes and a photographer were standing near the corner of 7th Street and Broadway in the city’s downtown for their report. Their van wasn’t locked, because the crew had only recently arrived at the corner, and the vehicle was only steps away. Someone used Holmes’ bank card at a nearby Chevron gas station on Castro Street within 20 minutes of the theft.

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Holmes’ story about a woman being mugged at 48th Street and Shattuck Avenue led the 10 p.m. newscast. She reported on an incident in which Good Samaritans came to the aid of a woman who was attacked and robbed. The segment included video showing the bloodied woman being taken into an ambulance.

KTVU has previously fallen prey to thieves. In March, scofflaws stole camera equipment from a parked van in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood.

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