REPUBLICANS TURN ON TRUMP: Senate Armed Services Committee Joins Democrats in Demanding Investigation in Russian Hack

mccainGuess who the chairman of the committee is….yep, John McCain. Someone who isn’t a fan of Trump will jump on any opportunity to tear him down. McCain said in a joint statement with Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer that the CIA’s conclusion “should alarm every American.” Now that the FBI isn’t convinced, what do you think McCain will say now?

The Republicans on the Senate Armed Services Committee are joining with Democrats in calling for an examination of reports that Russia interfered in the presidential election in the hopes of getting Donald Trump into the Oval Office.

Chairman John McCain, incoming Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and others said in a joint statement Sunday that the CIA’s report of Russia’s efforts in the election “should alarm every American.”

The leaders said they will push “to unify our colleagues around the goal of investigating and stopping the grave threats that cyberattacks conducted by foreign governments pose to our national security.” Russia was the only country mentioned in the statement.

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President Barack Obama ordered a full review of campaign-season cyberattacks to be completed before he leaves office. Many experts believe that is expected only to make official what U.S. intelligence officials have known for several weeks.

President-elect Donald Trump has dismissed the CIA’s assessment that Russia powered his defeat of Democrat Hillary Clinton.


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