Resident Says Houston Mayor Failed Them Claiming There Was No Need to Evacuate

Kristin Tate, a Houston local and writer for The Hill, said Monday that the mayor of our nation’s 4th largest city ‘failed’ residents by not ordering an evacuation sooner.

“I really think the Mayor Sylvester Turner completely failed the city,” Tate said in an interview on Fox Business. “He didn’t even call for a voluntary evacuation and it seems like no real provisions were made to help residents before the flooding, and I want to know why not. Because we knew this was coming, this was in the reports. We certainly didn’t know the hurricane was going to be this bad but a city should always be prepared for the worst.”

“As my family and I left the city on Friday, we could barely see out our windshield because it was raining so hard. And what has happened since, just widespread devastation. Most of my friends decided to kind of stay put in Houston and ride it out, but now they’re wishing they had left,” she said.

Tate criticized Turner for not being firm in suggesting a voluntary evacuation, but rather publishing a confusing tweet on Friday.

“I think what made it most difficult for the residents was that we were getting mixed messages. Greg Abbott the Governor was suggesting evacuation but the mayor actually told people to just stay put. He tweeted this on Friday,” Tate said.

Tate claims the irresponsible mayor should be blamed for some of the suffering.

“I think it’s incredibly irresponsible for him not to have done that. And I think we can blame him for at least some of the suffering we are seeing because a lot of this could have been avoided,” she concluded.

Do you think she is right?


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