Resting In Peace, Finally: 28 Vets Were Finally Laid to Rest After Sitting in the Morgue for 18 Months

article-2638737-1E32894A00000578-188_634x354The bodies of more than two-dozen U.S. veterans at a Southern California morgue will finally receive proper burials, officials said.

After months of speculation, the bodies of 28 veterans were moved Friday for burial from the Los Angeles County Morgue to the Riverside National Cemetery.

The morgue and Veterans Administration appear to blame each other for the delay, according to local news reports.

‘I think it’s incomprehensible,’ said Richard Burns, a Marine Corps veteran who goes to the Riverside National Cemetery and volunteers to lead memorial services for the unclaimed and often indigent vets.

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Often, Burns and a handful of volunteers are the only people in attendance.

‘It’s kinda sad that these people don’t get the proper care that they deserve,’ Burns said. ‘Even after death.’

Morgue officials said that the veterans’ bodies were unclaimed and they didn’t know how long they were there, blaming the Veterans Administration for the delay.

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