REUNITED: Father is Reunited with Kidnapped Son After 18 Years

RETURNEDAn Indiana paramedic has been reunited with his son who, along with his siblings, was abducted by his mother 18 years ago.

Nathan Slinkard was kidnapped by his mom, Trena Slinkard, in October 1995, after Steven Slinkard, the children’s father, was given full custody in their divorce.

She fled with the then-5-year-old, his brother, Andrew, 7, and his 3-year-old sister, Sydney, to Mexico and had not been heard from since.

But last week, Nathan, now aged 23, walked into the United States Consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico, and asked to return home to his father, who hadn’t seen his son for nearly two decades.

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Authorities say Trena failed to return the children to their father in Greenfield, about 20 miles east of Indianapolis, despite a court order giving Steven full custody of all three kids.

It wasn’t immediately clear when the children were taken out of the U.S., or under what circumstances Nathan and the others separated.

Investigators had tried to track the family for years, said Hancock County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Ted Munden, the last local investigator in the case.

He said officers regularly pursued tips about possible sightings, but they always proved false.

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