Revealed: Broward County Placed Parkland Shooter in Obama-Era Program, Superintendent Lied

On Sunday evening, a local news station in Florida reported that Nikolas Cruz — who killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February — was place under an Obama-era program which the superintendent of Broward County Public Schools, Robert W. Runcie, had denied existed on more than one occasion.

According to WLRN:

Two sources with knowledge of Cruz’s discipline records told WLRN he was referred to the so-called PROMISE Program for a three-day stint after committing vandalism at Westglades Middle School in 2013.

Runcie implemented this PROMISE Program in Broward County Public Schools in 2013. This was part of the Obama admins plan to “reduce” the amount of minorities who land in prison from crimes committed on campus. Essentially this program made it impossible for suspensions, expulsions, or arrests to occur; no consequences for bad, destructive behavior which included criminal activity.

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Tracy Clark, a school district spokeswoman, told WLRN that administrators in Broward, after reviewing Cruz’s records, found that he had been referred to PROMISE after vandalizing a bathroom shortly after the program was implemented in 2013.

However, WLRN notes, it is not certain he attended the program:

Clark said he appeared at Pine Ridge Education Center in Fort Lauderdale — an alternative school facility where PROMISE is housed — for an intake interview the day after the vandalism incident.

Clark said, “It does not appear that Nikolas Cruz completed the recommended three-day assignment/placement.”

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office, according to the local Florida station, previously said the shooter never attended the program. “The school board reports that there was no PROMISE program participation,” said BSO representative Jack Dale.

Kyle Kashuv, a Parkland shooting survivor, reacted to this news in a very appropriate manner:

As did Hunter Pollack:

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