REVEALED: Obama Was Spending $300MIL on FAKE Afghani Soldiers, Trump Takes ACTION!

If you weren’t already jumping for joy that Obama was out of office, you will be after hearing this.

Millions of tax dollars were being spent on non-existent “ghost” soldiers and policemen in Afghanistan during Obama’s presidency. Once Trump found out, he shut that cr@p down fast!

According to the special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, John Sopko, who recently sat down for an interview with Sharyl Attkinson of Full Measure, the ongoing problem may have been worse than anyone realized, but was being addressed by President Donald Trump’s Pentagon.

“We’ve been raising this concern about ghosts going back a number of years,” stated Sopko. “Actually I want to say we heard about it from (Afghan President) Ashraf Ghani years ago, before he became president, he warned me about ‘ghosts,’ so we started looking three years ago.”

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Years ago? Please, do tell.

“What we’re talking about are policemen, Afghan policemen, Afghan military, Afghan civil servants who don’t exist or they have multiple identity cards and we’re paying their salaries,” he explained. “By ‘we’ I mean the United States and the international community. And we started finding out that we had no capacity to measure the number of soldiers, teachers, doctors, military people who we are paying their salaries.”

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Fox News reported back in October that America was footing the bill for the fraud. And it was costing us more than $300 million annually!

When asked if this indicated fraud was taking place, Sopko replied:

“Major fraud. And what’s happening is the commanders or generals or other higher officials are actually pocketing the salaries of the ghosts.

“And I remember President Ghani again, at that time he wasn’t president, saying, ‘John, you the United States government are paying the salary of an Afghan who’s a teacher, he’s a civil servant, he’s a doctor, he is a policeman, and he’s a soldier. And it’s the same Afghan. And he doesn’t exist.’

“It’s not just the salaries. But we’re funding schools based upon the number of students, so if you invent or inflate the number of students, you’re going to be paying more money. On the soldiers and the police, we’re paying for extra boots, for food, for everything else, logistics for numbers that don’t exist.”


Hello, liberal media! Here is a story for you and you are completely IGNORING it! Why?

Because it makes your “god” Obama look bad.

Sopko alerted the Pentagon on numerous occasions to what he had discovered in 2016. But little to nothing was done about it. The Obama Admin didn’t seem to care.

Fox News did report at the time the Pentagon had stated they would soon implement certain measures to try and combat the fraud.

But it doesn’t seem any action happened after that.

Now, under Trump’s no-nonsense leadership at the Department of Defense, something is being done.

According to the Independent Journal Review, Attkinsson said the Pentagon had implemented a biometric system that checked things as fingerprints, photographs and even blood type in an effort to obtain “proof of life” of Afghani service members. This precaution should help weed out the “ghosts” that are costing U.S. taxpayers millions.

The Pentagon has even claimed it has already enrolled in the program “up to 95 percent of the Afghan police and 70-80 percent of soldiers” in the Afghan National Army.

We have lost enough money under Obama. It’s time we take responsibility.

That’s why we elected Trump.


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