REVEALED: We Know What Comey Will Say About Trump in His Congressional Testimony

What will former FBI Director James Comey have to say in his upcoming congressional testimony?

That’s the question on a lot of people’s minds.

The Democrats will be hanging on every word (too bad they couldn’t do that for Hillary). They want something, anything, to blame Trump for. They want the words “obstruction of justice”.

But they may not get what they want.

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According to ABC News:

There will be much in former FBI Director James Comey’s upcoming congressional testimony that will make the White House uncomfortable, but he will stop short of saying the president interfered with the agency’s probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, a source familiar with Comey’s thinking told ABC News.

Although Comey has told associates he will not accuse the President of obstructing justice, he will dispute the president’s contention that Comey told him three times he is not under investigation.

Making the Republican majority House will make liberals happy. But it won’t give them their ammo to impeach the president.

If this report is true, and this does happen, it will put a lot of hysteria to rest.

Let’s hope that’s the case so we can focus on the important things.


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