REVENGE? The Pentagon Just Declassified Israel’s Top Secret File

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Unbelievable. Great way to treat our ally.

The Pentagon recently declassified a 1987 top-secret report revealing previously unknown details about Israel’s nuclear capability, a move that is being perceived in Israel as Obama administration payback for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress earlier this month.

The Jewish Daily Forward, a liberal U.S.-based newspaper, on Wednesday published an article by Israeli investigative journalist Michael Karpin detailing the Pentagon report.

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Karpin, who has written extensively about Israel’s nuclear development, described his reaction to the declassification as one of “astonishment.” Karpin wrote:

In early February, the Pentagon declassified a 386-page report from 1987, exposing for the first time ever the actual depth of top-secret military cooperation between the United States and Israel — including, amazingly, information about Israel’s unacknowledged nuclear program.

In view of the caustic tension that has increased lately between Washington and Jerusalem, the timing of the publication’s declassification, after a long legal process, might raise a few eyebrows. I have some knowledge about the build-up process of Israel’s nuclear capacity and after reading the report in question I must express my astonishment: I have never seen an official American document disclosing such extensive revelation on subjects that until now were regarded by both administrations as unspeakable secrets.

Feeding the questions about the Obama administration’s motivation in releasing the document is that its authors had also researched the nuclear capabilities of European NATO allies, but only their findings on Israel were declassified.

“Strangely, quite a significant amount of the material that the American experts had assembled in Israel was released with this declassification, while everything that they wrote on their NATO allies has been blacked out or withheld by the Pentagon,” Karpin wrote. “It’s another strange aspect of this story and, along with the timing, demands further scrutiny of the defense department’s motives.”

The Israeli media examined if the timing of the declassification was politically motivated.

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