Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, Warns Obama to do His Homework Before Invading Syria

thinkingPresident Obama has already said that Syrian government forces were behind the recent chemical weapons attack near Damascus. The United Nation’s team of 20 chemical weapons inspectors in Damascus must be allowed the time to do its job properly before the US and its allies jump to conclusions.

If it is found Bashar al-Assad’s regime were the perpetrators of this horror story, then action should be taken. However, if UN inspectors found the regime was innocent, it would be dreadful for military intervention to have already taken place and for the people of Syria to have suffered further.

The UK government was right to drop plans for an early vote on British intervention and today MPs are debating military action in Syria in principle only. The final vote on action should be held only after UN inspectors report on the alleged chemical attack.



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