OUT RIGHT EVIL: Feminist Aborts Baby because it was a Boy


This is the modern-day feminist for you… disgraceful.

A blogger has claimed that she aborted her baby when she discovered it was a boy because bad experiences with men.

In her blog, the author, known only as Lena, wrote that she found out she was pregnant in 2012 and describes the father as ‘the donator’.

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Describing the pregnancy as a ‘diagnosis’ she said that she was ready to have a child.

She also claims to be a feminist, fighting women’s rights ‘to the point of eschewing a career’.

But from her writing, she appears to be a misandrist.

She wrote: ‘One of the more prominent themes that I saw in these places was that men generally would look down on us, refuse to help us, or hardly even lend an ear so that we could air our grievances.’


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