Our Right to Live: Teachers Doing What’s Best for Their Students and Learning How to Shoot Down an Attacker [VIDEO]

Editor’s Note: First responders on a shooting sight shouldn’t be the police who arrive minutes too late. It should be the concealed carriers who are there and take matters into their own hands. Teachers learning how to take down a shooter is only a good thing. It means more lives to be saved, less students to be victimized.

While talking heads continue to debate and argue about the problem of violence in schools, the Missouri legislature decided to do something to fix it.

Following a spate of school shootings, the statehouse passed laws which would allow teachers to carry guns in school. Ten Missouri school districts have taken advantage of the new laws and sent staffers to a training center – Shield Solutions – this summer to receive five days of firearms training, The Kansas City Star reports. Law enforcement officers trained teachers and staff members how to use a Glock 19 semi-automatic pistol. For a fee of $17,500, two staff members from each district – all volunteers – are receiving the training.

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Their identities will be known only to school administrators and local law enforcement, serving the same way air marshals do. The program doesn’t come without its skeptics. G.A. Buie, President-elect of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, says the program “could not be more wrong-headed.”

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