More Riots In Missouri: St. Louis Teen Shoots at Officer, Ends Up Dead

It seems as if things are still out of control in Missouri. 

The six-year veteran of the St. Louis Police Department was off-duty but in uniform and working a side security job at the time of the shooting. Dotson told reporters at a briefing early Thursday that a group of three men fled after spotting him. The officer gave chase and “physical altercation” occurred between the officer and a suspect, who was described as aged 18 and black.

Dotson said the suspect then “fired at least three rounds at the police officer” before he returned fire. The officer was unharmed. Dotson said a 9mm Ruger was recovered at the scene. “An investigation will decide if the officer’s behavior was appropriate,” the police chief added.

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Angry crowds gathered in the aftermath of the incident and Dotson said several police cars were damaged during the demonstrations. Some people shouted “Hands up, don’t shoot” in reference to the fatal shooting of Brown by a white police officer, which led to weeks of sometimes violent unrest.

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