RIPPLE EFFECTS: Now YALE Students are Claiming Racism on Campus Over This…

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.14.43 AMBiggest load of bullsh*t. The millennial generation has no idea of what real racism is or feels like.

A twisted string of allegations about racism on the campus of Yale University led hundreds of students to protest Monday, just days after a conference on the future of free speech was disrupted by allegations of racism and two weeks after protests against alleged racism and cultural insensitivity were held over student Halloween costumes.

According to the New Haven Register, the “March of Resiliency” blocked traffic on Chapel Street in New Haven, as students demanded inclusiveness with respect to race, ethnicity, and gender identity. During the march, students chanted, “We out here! We been here! We ain’t leaving! We are loved!”

Protesters disrupted a forum about the future of free speech held by Yale University’s William F. Buckley, Jr. Program on Friday over an alleged remark about a previous alleged racist comment on campus.

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During the fifth annual private Buckley conference on “The Future of Free Speech,” student Gian-Paul Bergeron posted on the Facebook group “Overheard at Yale” a quip by Buckley Program speaker Greg Lukianoff: “Looking at the reaction to [lecturer and Yale associate master] Erika Christakis’ email, you would have thought someone wiped out an entire Indian village.”

The quote referred to Christakis’ email response to Yale’s Intercultural Affairs Council, which warned students against wearing potentially racially and culturally insensitive Halloween costumes.

According to Zachary Young, president of the Buckley Program—writing at the Yale Daily News—the disruption at the conference began when a student rushed to the front of the lecture hall during a panel and began taping posters across the wall of the room. When a Yale police officer asked the student to leave, he replied, “You’re going to have to carry me out,” and was promptly removed.

Once news of Lukianoff’s remark hit Facebook, student protesters lined up outside the lecture hall, reports Young. He continued:

Some demanded that we immediately add speakers of their choosing to the conference. Others tried to get into the lecture hall, which was oversubscribed and required preregistration. Police stood guard at the doors to ensure our symposium could go on as planned…

For nearly two hours, the crowd outside grew in size and volume. Social media attacks on our organization intensified. When I offered the protesters leftover cookies — intended as a nice gesture — I was called a “white colonizer” and told to stay in the hallway to be “educated.” As audience members exited the lecture hall, protesters chanted, “Genocide is not a joke,” called attendees “traitors” and “racists” and, in at least one instance, spat on an attendee affiliated with the Buckley Program.

Our entire conference on free speech had come under attack.

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