RIVER MOSTER’S HOST FACES MAN-KILLER: Jeremy Wade Swims Right by a 200 Pound Anaconda

article-2633546-1E06F35A00000578-871_634x358River Monster’s intrepid host Jeremy Wade faced down his greatest fear when he came face-to-face with a deadly 200 pound anaconda on the latest edition of his hit show, River Monsters.

The British adventurer was followed by the crew of the Animal Planet smash as he navigated the Amazon River in Brazil, searching for the culprit in a series of recent, bone-crushing human deaths in Porto de Moz, in the deepest rainforest.

The dramatic encounter, which aired on Monday night, put Wade, 58, into the murky waters of the mammoth river, where he literally stumbled upon a slumbering snake he estimated to be at least 20-feet long.

Kitted out in scuba diving gear, Wade, who has helmed six seasons of River Monsters, audibly gulped before he exclaimed, ‘Look at the size of this! I’ve stumbled into a potential man-eater.’

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He had made his way to Brazil to try and figure out what particular river monster had killed a man whose body was found dead with huge bruises on his neck and torso and with numerous crushed bones in his body.

During the course of his investigation he also found that other people in the vicinity of Porto de Moz, almost 1,500 miles from Rio de Janerio, had gone missing in the water’s surrounding the town.

When he came face-to-face with the beast, Wade was left with the conclusion that he had in fact found the likely culprit for the death and disappearances.

Anaconda’s in the Amazon can grow to 22-feet long and the non-venomous species is the largest snake native to the Americas.

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