RNC MADNESS: Police Armed with ARs as Threat Escalates, Communists Burn FLAG

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 5.51.47 PMSurprisingly no one has died during this week at the RNC. The protests are ramping up and things are getting crazier as the days go by. Thankfully our men in blue have been safe and are doing the same for everyone else.

Police pepper sprayed and arrested a group of Communists as they attempted to burn the US flag outside the Republican National Convention.

Officers arrested 17 people after a violent melee broke out near the gates of the Quicken Loans Arena, preventing delegates and journalists from entering the stadium.

One police officer was pushed to the ground as cops attempted to separate the Communists from their rivals, which included members of a group called ‘Bikers for Trump’.

It was the most turbulent protest since the four-day convention began on Monday.

Two officers were attacked and suffered minor injuries in the the most turbulent protest since the four-day convention kicked off on Monday. Those arrested face charges including inciting violence and felonious assault of a police officer.

Police Chief Calvin Williams said the violence erupted when a protester whose pants caught fire became angry at a police officer who tried to put it out.

The melee brought the number of people arrested at the convention to 22. The Communists, believed to be from Chicago, had publicized their attempt to burn Old Glory and had drawn a large media crowd and onlookers.

But when the flag was produced the crowd surged forward with police – including officers from Cleveland, Ohio state troopers and Indiana state troopers – caught in the middle.

Members of the group formed a human circle with locked arms and a member in the center yelled on a megaphone: ‘We’re here to stand together with the people of the world, we’re taking the stand against this imperialist, Republican National Convention.

‘Donald Trump is an open fascist, Hillary Clinton is a proven war criminal,’ the leader said.

The trouble was over within a few minutes and calm restored. Firefighters had stood by with extinguishers, but the flag was not burned successfully.

Two officers were assaulted and suffered minor injuries, Cleveland police said. The Communists had been advised not to burn their flag by officers and had left the scene.

But one witness said:’ About 25 returned and the flag was brought out, the pushing and shoving began. ‘It wasn’t a riot and over in a minute but the cops dragged at least 10 people away.’

Police said it is not an offense to burn the flag, but starting a fire in a public place and endangering others was against the law.

The ugly scenes came as security was stepped up around the Quicken Loans Arena, which is hosting the convention.

In total more than 5,000 law enforcement agents are deployed in Cleveland for security and public order.

They include uniformed Secret Service officers, FBI agents and other federal agents with the Secret Service bringing bomb detection dogs.

Cleveland police have called in back-up from across the state, with Akron, Columbus and Cincinnati police joining them on patrol, and Ohio state troopers.


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