ROAD TRIP FROM HELL: Woman, 21, on Louisiana adventure to ‘figure out life’ is found murdered after asking strangers for ride

article-0-19AFB86D00000578-488_634x934The FBI are hunting the killer responsible for the murder of 21-year-old Lindsay Louise Ellixson, whose badly beaten body was pulled from a bayou in Louisiana following a ‘brutal and violent’ death.

Originally from Orlando, the girl known for her ‘big blue eyes’ was traveling the country after high school trying to ‘figure things out’, according to family, when she was found by fishermen about 3pm Saturday in East Baton Rouge.

Investigators say she had been in the water for two to five days, with an autopsy revealing she was killed by blunt force trauma to the head, neck and chest.

The case has been classed as a homicide.

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‘She was beaten to death and left there,’ Chief of Investigations Shane Evans told WFTV.

‘Someone did this to her and put her there.’

‘It was unusually brutal and violent.’

The victim’s adoptive mother, Catherine Ellixson, said that she kept in regular contact with her daughter as she traveled, and that she had been home ‘intermittently’ over the years, however they had not spoken for at least 10 days before her body was found.

‘I knew something wasn’t quite right and we were praying for her every day,’ Mrs Ellixson said.

In what has emerged as possibly the best clues to Linday’s murder, the Boone High School graduate posted numerous messages on a social networking site called MeetMe in the two months prior to her death, listing herself as unemployed and homeless.

Her name on the site was ‘Lindsay Head’ and said she was engaged.

Strangely she also requested ‘ladies only’ because she was ‘looking for fun for my man’.

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