Rock On: Heavy Metal Playing Middle Schoolers Score $1.7Mil Record Deal for Their Band

Editor’s Note: The epitome of the ‘American Dream’, is it not? These kids know how to rock and now they’re rolling with the big whigs. Good for them!

A group of heavy metal-playing middle schoolers from Brooklyn head-banged their way to a major record deal, signing a $1.7 million contract just a few years after playing their first gig on the street in Times Square, according to a published report.

The band Unlocking the Truth — comprised of 13-year-old guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, 13-year-old bassist Alec Atkins and 12-year-old drummer Jarad Dawkins – committed to a two-album deal with Sony Records, according to the New York Daily News. The Brooklyn boys are promised $60,000 for their first album and could get an advance as high as $350,000 for their second record.

“It’s so exciting. We’re jumping over the moon,” Dawkins’ mother, Tabatha Dawkins, told the News.

The group got its start playing in Times Square and Washington Square Park, Tabatha Dawkins told the News. Videos of their performances garnered hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube, and Eric Clapton’s drummer helped them get gigs across the region after seeing them play in 2012.

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