NO ROMANCE ON THE PLAYGROUND: Mother of Little Girl Kissed by Six-Year-Old says School was Right to Suspend Boy for Sexual Harassment

article-0-1A0293F000000578-935_634x442The Colorado school that suspended a six-year-old boy was right to do so, the mother of the girl he kissed has said.

Jade Masters-Ownbey said the school district had done a ‘great job’ protecting her daughter from repeated harassment from Hunter Yelton.

She added that Hunter had repeatedly been warned by his teachers before being suspended for two days and having ‘sexual harassment’ listed on his record.

Hunter’s mother, Jennifer Saunders, had insisted the punishment was too harsh.

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‘He is six years old, and that is absolutely ridiculous for him to have “sexual harassment” on his record, even it is [only on the district’s] record,’ she said.

But Ms Masters-Ownbey said the kissing had been ‘over and over’ and added that she hoped people would not ‘start bashing the school that is doing a great job protecting my child from what is sexual harassment’.

School officials insisted that Hunter had been warned repeatedly and that the punishment was warranted.

Lincoln Elementary School Principal Tammy DeWolfe said the school would ‘never suspend a student for one minor little violation’.

No criminal charges have been brought against the boy.

Ms Saunders told KRDO earlier that there was nothing unwanted about her son’s playful kiss.
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