Rooftop ‘Free Runners’ Shot by Airgun Sniper

max caveTwo fearless climbers who scale cranes and scaffolding without safety equipment have been shot by a pellet gun while climbing onto a rooftop in Sussex.

Max Cave, 21 and Luke Harty, 19 were hit in the chest by airgun pellets by a man who saw them ‘free running’ across a building from a nearby window.

According to the Argus, Mr Cave has had surgery to remove a pellet from his chest, whereas Mr Harty’s two wounds are safe to be left untreated.

A 47-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm after the incident in Horsham, Sussex.

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In an interview with The Argus, Mr Harty said: ‘On Sunday we had just climbed up scaffolding and I was taking some photos of the view when I saw Max had just been shot in the abdomen.

‘I was trying to climb down the scaffolding and as I was climbing down I was saying, “don’t shoot” – but he did.

‘I had a shirt on and the pellet went through that and it was very painful.


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