Roy Moore’s Accuser Admits Yearbook was Altered [WATCH]

Friday morning Beverly Young Nelson sat down with ABC News to discuss her altercation with the Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

She has accused Moore of groping her in the parking lot of her work in 1977, which would make Moore 30-years-old at the time of the alleged assault.

At the center of this whole controversy is her ‘proof’ that the assault happened, which was her school yearbook. The date that was signed on the book is ‘1977’.

There has been suspicion of forgery and Moore himself called the signature completely false; demanding a handwriting expert examine the yearbook.

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‘The attorney of the Republican senate candidate said that he didn’t want to “make any allegations,” but mentioned that the should look at the two “77s” signed in the yearbook, should be looked at,’ reports the Daily Caller.

Look no further than this interview though, where Nelson admits on live TV that she wrote in the book.

The details of Nelson’s allegations are becoming more and more suspicious; especially if she just admitted her ‘proof’ was forged.


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