#RUDE: Jet Airways Forces Former World’s Top Shooter to Spend Night Outside Airport

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No matter who the person is, customer service should always be a company’s number one priority.

Jet Airways does it again! Recently, we narrated the plight of the passengers of a Dubai-bound Jet flight which led to much embarrassment for the airline. But the airline seems to never learn from its mistakes, they have once again mistreated Indian passengers who, to their bad luck, chose to fly with them on international journeys. Their latest victims were India’s ‘National sporting heroes’ (heroines to be accurate) who were left stranded in Thailand due to the airline’s apathy.

Former World Number 1 shooters Heena Sidhu and Anjali Bhagwat, who were on their way back home from the ISSF Rifle and Pistol World Cup in Busan,South Korea, had to spend a troublesome night outside the Bangkok airport for not carrying proper documents.

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The duo, who landed in Bangkok to board a connecting flight to Mumbai, were forced to step out of the terminal and arrange tickets for themselves when Jet Airways refused to carry their sporting equipment (guns), citing incomplete documents.

“It was harassment. We were not only forced to arrange for tickets, but also had to spend the night outside Bangkok airport. It all happened because of the ignorance of the Jet Airways staff about sports weapons and the documents we were carrying,” Heena told the Hindustan Times.

The two had to search for a flight which would accept their documents and agree to carry their weapons. Eventually they boarded a Air India flight with the same documents but had to shell out another $800 for the extra baggage.

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