Ruh Roh: Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Guilty of 11 Charges of Corruption

And they think Rick Perry is bad? Check out what McDonnell did…

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has been found guilty of 11 charges of corruption after what some have called the biggest trial in Virginia’s political history came to a close on Thursday.

In addition to the 11 corruption charges, McDonnell also faced one count of lying on financial documents.

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McDonnell and his wife accepted over $165,000 in gifts from businessman Jonnie Williams in exchange for political favors.

Williams was the founder and chief executive of Star Scientific, a dietary supplement maker.

The jury deliberated for nearly 18 hours over the course of three days after hearing five weeks of testimony from 67 different witnesses.

McDonnell himself spent 24 hours on the witness stand testifying about his relationship with Williams, during which he remained adamant that while he did accept the gifts, he did not know what Williams wanted in return.

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