Russia Wants to Build a Superhighway to the US

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Ummm… that would be cool, but with US and Russian tensions high right now, not so sure that’s a good idea.

Route 66. The Autobahn. The Trans-Eurasian Belt Development? The head of Russia’s railway system has proposed a superhighway through Siberia across the Bering Strait that would link Europe with the United States through Russia.

According to a report from The Siberian Times, the highway would run alongside much of the current Trans-Siberia Railway, and end on the eastern edge of Russia with a tunnel or perhaps a bridge over the Bering Strait. It was proposed by the chief of Russia’s railway system, Vladimir Yakunin, a “powerful oligarch” (with a bigoted agenda). The Siberian Times also reports that Yakunin unveiled his plan last week to the Russian Academy of Science, where he busted out some serious high-level pseudo-academic jargon:

He also said that Western-style globalisation is no longer seen as an incentive but as a hindrance on the economic, scientific, moral and spiritual development of society.

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