S.O.S: Veterans are Asked by Texas Border Rancher to Help Him Fight Cartels

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX 420As things progressively get worse down at the boarder, Obama is sitting on his hands until the elections are over.

The United States of America is facing an existential threat in the border security crisis.  Our southern border is being overrun by criminal cartels, gang members, and radical Islamic terrorists, not just innocent unaccompanied children or families looking for jobs.

The Obama administration and the government as a whole has been lying to the American public about what is really going on at the border.  And they are trying to silence anyone involved who tries to speak out with the truth.

Gangs of armed illegals, whether cartel members or gang members, are marching through southern Texas, attacking and stealing from the ranchers and private citizens that live in the border region.

But some of the ranchers aren’t giving up without a fight, and they are uniting to defend the border, their land, state, and country, with some support from volunteers and citizen militias.

However, these ranchers are heavily outnumbered and need more help.

The Oathkeepersorganization, on behalf of the ranchers, is putting out a call to all Texas veterans to step up and volunteer their time and service in defense of these American citizens along the border, who have been abandoned and left unprotected by our government.

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Texas ranchers Rusty Monsees, along with his neighbor Fernando, have shared with the Oathkeepers some of the details of what they are facing on the border these days. 

Rusty describes how the Mexican cartels and gangs are using threats, intimidation, assaults, and even attempted murder to drive ranchers off of their land, while stealing or vandalizing their private property.

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