‘My Sacrifice Wasn’t Great Enough’: VA Rejects Purple Heart Army Sergeant’s Application for Handicapped Accessible Home


The VA has got to get some new management. It’s pretty clear this guy needs some handicap assistance.

A wounded warrior who has sacrificed so much for this country is struggling to get grant money or enough donations to build a handicapped accessible home.

Army Sergeant Franz Walkup was severely wounded while deployed in Afghanistan. But apparently he isn’t considered “injured enough” to qualify for the help he needs.

“September 29, 2012, I was shot five times,” Franz told WUSA9. He was inexplicably ambushed by the very Afghan Army members he and his unit were training.

“In the stomach and one through the back,” he added.

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Franz spent six months at Walter Reed and endured 78 surgeries. He was awarded the Purple Heart for his bravery.

“It’s hard because it kind of feels like, my sacrifice wasn’t great enough,” he said.

When Franz and his wife Shannon applied for financial help to build a handicapped accessible home, the couple was rejected by at least five organizations.

“I fit into that gray area where I have the loss of the limb, but I still have my limb,” he explained.

His body is a roadmap of his injuries. A shattered pelvis, a broken leg. He lost his spleen and most of his small and large intestines.

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