Sami Quick Stop Gun Fight: What We Can Learn From Analyzing The Video

Editor’s Note: You never know when your life or property might be in danger. These tips from a pro might save your life.

On 21 May 2014 in Youngstown, Ohio, a couple of teenage criminals attempted to rob  a Sami Quick Stop a little after midnight.  The armed confrontation that ensued resulted in one robber wounded, both captured, and minimum damage to the store.

One of the suspects is reported to have dropped a rifle as he fled.

There are several lessons to be learned from the video.   As is common, numerous things could have been done better by all three participants.

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The first lesson is that you do not have to be a perfect gunfighter to be effective.  You simply have to be more effective than the opposition. 

Most criminals are not well trained in either shooting or tactics.  They tend to believe that everything will go according to plan.   When the victim(s) refuse to cooperate, they often are left without a contingency plan, and are unable to react until they go through a decision process.   If the victim acts during this period, the criminal has to repeat the process.    In the military, this is called getting inside the opponents OODA (Observe, Orient,Decide,Act) loop.

A simple way to look at this is: Action beats Reaction.  It takes time to react.  The clerk’s action beat the robbers reaction.

Only one suspect is seen in the video.  It is clear that the second suspect did not aid his fellow criminal in any meaningful way.

It is hard to argue with success, and the defender in this situation was clearly successful.  For purposes of discussion only, I will point out a few things that he might have done differently.

First, cover and fake compliance to gain advantage.   In the video, the defender in the checked shirt, a clerk at the store, never complies with the robber’s commands.  He stands his ground, draws his semi-auto pistol in a fairly slow draw, racks the slide and fires his shot.   The process takes about four seconds, from about 2 1/2 seconds on the video to 6 1/2 seconds on the video.   The robber is repeatedly shouting “Get in the back, get in the back”.

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