San Diego Cop Shooter Name RELEASED–Suspect is…

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.09.57 AMIt’s not clear why the shooter did what he did. One thing is certain, cops lives are in more danger than ever before. Pray for our men in blue.

Police have released the name of a suspect in the San Diego police shootings that left one officer dead and another wounded following a traffic stop.

Jesse Gomez was arrested in connection with the shooting of Officer Jonathan ‘J.B.’ DeGuzman, a 16-year veteran, who was killed during a shootout on Thursday night.

DeGuzman’s colleague Officer Wade Irwin, 32, a veteran of nine years, was injured in the attack but he’s expected to survive after undergoing emergency surgery.

San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman told reporters Friday that the 52-year-old was taken into custody and is in critical condition from a gunshot wound but is expected to survive.

Police also arrested a second man, 41-year-old Marcus Antonio Cassani, on an unrelated warrant.

Zimmerman says police are investigating whether he was involved in the Thursday night shootings.

She said Cassani was arrested outside a house that SWAT had surrounded for hours.

DeGuzman, who was a father-of-two, was described as a ‘loving, caring’ husband and father who ‘talked about his family all the time’.

He had been awarded the purple heart in 2003 after he was stabbed by a man he had stopped for speeding.

The two officers, part of the gang suppression squad, radioed to say they were making a traffic stop around 11pm on Thursday night.

Seconds later they radioed for back-up. Both officers were wearing bulletproof vests and body cameras.


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