SARAH PALIN TURNS HEADS: Calls Out Cruz/Beck for ‘Seducing Illegals’ [WATCH]

Yikes! Sarah Palin’s speech seems to have fallen flat in Wisconsin. Check it out.

Sarah Palin took to the stump Friday in Wisconsin in support of Republican front-runner Donald Trump and had heads turning when she spoke of “seducing” illegal immigrants with gift baskets.

The remark was directed at Trump rival Ted Cruz, who joined with Glenn Beck in July 2014 to hand out care packages with soccer balls, teddy bears, and other items to illegal immigrant children at the border. The move was reportedly intended to be a statement against President Obama’s non-enforcement of immigration laws.

“What the heck are you thinking, candidates?” Palin asked Friday while speaking at a Milwaukee County Republican dinner. “What the heck are you thinking when you’re actually asking for more immigrants — even illegal immigrants, welcoming them in.”


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