Saudi Father Tries SMOTHERING 2-Month Old Baby for ‘Keeping Him Awake’, Mother Kills Him–Was She Wrong?

Something one should never have to decide on who should live, your child or husband. In this case, the wife defended her child, in the process killing her husband.

Manama: Police in Saudi Arabia have arrested a young mother after she stabbed her husband to death following a dispute over their two-month-old baby.

The woman told the investigators in Taef in western Saudi Arabia that she was forced to act against her husband after she saw him trying to smother their baby with a pillow in order to kill him.

In her confessions, the wife, 26, said that her husband, 38, took her and the baby out to have dinner together and that after the outing they headed home, Saudi daily Okaz reported on Monday.

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She added that she put the baby in his room when her husband wanted to sleep. But the father had difficulty sleeping, as the baby kept crying, which resulted in angry threats to kill the baby in order to silence him.

The husband and wife had a quarrel over the baby and the threats before he moved to the other room.

According to the wife, she followed her husband into the baby’s room and was shocked to see the father trying to smother the two-month-old with a pillow to end his screams.


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