Savage: Dude Explains Feminism in 2017, ‘You’re a Man. Everything a Man Does is…’ [Video]

I miss the days when feminism fought for something real. Like the right for women to go to school, work, vote… you know things that mattered.


Now that women have everything they’ve wanted, they’re still bitchin’ and its kind of getting old.

Words like ‘mansplaining’, ‘gender identity’, ‘rape’ and ‘triggered’ have somehow become the fighting words for women’s rights movement. Honestly, people… we live in a western civilization. Women have all the rights they need.

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Go to some communist/socialist/Islamic nation; you’ll find women there with real problems and a need to fight for their freedom.

Western women, get this through your brain: birth-control is not a ‘right’.

If you want to know what rights are, look up the U.S.’s Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers pretty much hammered that nail right on the head… and don’t be ‘triggered’ because the authors of the document were all men. They had every human being in mind when penning it.

Watch the video below. It perfectly enacts what feminism in 2017 looks like and it’s freakin HILARIOUS too. Check it!

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