SAVAGE: Student, 14, ‘raped teacher with an ‘object’ before killing her and dumping her body’

SAVAGEThe 14-year-old student accused of murdering his teacher also raped her with an ‘object’ before dumping her body, it was alleged in court on Thursday.

Danvers High School student Philip Chism was indicted in a Massachusetts court on charges of murder, aggravated rape and armed robbery in the slaying of his math teacher Colleen Ritzer on October 22.

Authorities believe Chism, a soccer standout, followed Ritzer into a second-floor bathroom after school armed with a box cutter, stabbed her, wheeled her body outside in a large recycling bin and dumped it in the woods behind the school.

District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett also said in court on Thursday the teen stole her iPhone, credit cards and underwear before raping her with an ‘object’ and killing her.

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Chism allegedly sexually assaulted the victim with an object. The aggravated rape charge is brought when there was serious bodily harm or when the rape was committed during another violent felonious crime or both, prosecutors said.

‘The indictments returned today detail horrific and unspeakable acts,’ District Attorney said.

‘Since the moment Ms Ritzer’s body was discovered, a dedicated and professional team of state police detectives assigned to my office, Danvers Police officers, crime scene forensic experts and assistant district attorneys have worked tirelessly to compile and present the evidence to the Grand Jury.

‘This is the first step in a long process to secure justice for Ms Ritzer and her family.’

The second-year math teacher’s family released a statement today saying: ‘We are devastated and heartbroken by the details of the horrific circumstances surrounding the death of our beautiful daughter and sister, Colleen.

‘As a family, we continue to mourn Colleen’s passing and ask that the media respect our privacy during this very difficult time.’

A student in Ritzer’s math class says the teacher had asked Chism to stay after school that day for help on an upcoming test.

After the murder Chism went to a movie theater and watched Woody Allen film Blue Jasmine by himself.

Police prosecutors have attempted to keep details about the shocking murder under wraps up until now but said earlier this month there was nothing untoward about the teacher’s relationship with her alleged killer.

‘There is absolutely no evidence of any misconduct or wrongdoing by Ms Ritzer of any sort,’ assistant Essex District Attorney David O’Sullivan said in a court hearing held for attorneys for several media outlets, who are arguing to unseal Chism’s entire file in Salem District Court.

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