SAVED BY THE GUN: Woman Getting Assaulted by Thug Saved by Concealed Carrier


Imagine if that concealed carrier wasn’t there to help that woman. Ladies arm yourself! Help me end this #waronwomen and go fund my documentary: Girls Just Wanna Have Guns, The Real War on Women.

This is the dramatic moment a motorist with a concealed carry permit got out of his car and aimed his gun at a man who was punching a woman.

The unidentified man, hailed by witnesses as a hero, was driving along a road in the city of Southlake near Dallas, Texas, when he saw suspect MacMichael Nwaiwu, 28, attacking the female passenger on Friday.

He then pulled over, stepped out of the driver’s side door and held up his weapon to the red car on the other side of the road.

Video footage captured by witness Lindsey Bryant on her cell phone shows Nwaiwu stepping out of the vehicle and holding his hands up.

She was sitting on a nearby intersection when she started filming and asked her sister Mistina Donald to call 911.

Moments later, patrol cars arrived at the scene and pointed their guns at the unnamed man, but they then took Nwaiwu into custody.

Donald told CBS DFW: ‘It was intense not knowing whether bullets were going to start flying from either side of the street.

‘It’s amazing that in this day in age that people are willing to reach out and help.’ Read more at


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