SAY WHAT? Trump is Making Room for Ted Cruz in His Admin. as the…

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-9-29-47-pmLooks like there isn’t bad blood between these two men after all. Trump seems to be making some good calls. Adding Cruz isn’t a bad idea. Give us your thoughts. Is Trump picking his administration wisely so far?

Cruz was meeting with Trump earlier today:

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Donald Trump met privately Tuesday with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, kicking off what could be one of the most complicated post-election relationships in Washington.

Cruz visited Trump Tower on Tuesday afternoon to meet with the President-elect, a step most congressional Republicans have not yet taken. Many Republican leaders in Congress have merely spoken with Trump by phone.

The topic of their conversation was not clear.

Catherine Frazier, a Cruz spokeswoman, said in a statement that Cruz “looks forward to assisting the Trump administration” in achieving policy wins for conservatives, though she did not offer further details.

I have to say that if Trump did that, it would make a LOT OF people much more open to his administration. It would totally piss off the liberals. It would be a pretty brilliant stroke. But he would have to put aside his personal grudge against Cruz, and that seems to be the only principle he ever stands by…


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