SC COP: Killed Trying to Question Teen Thug Trying to Buy Gun

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 5.58.42 PMSad day for this cop’s family. We need to solve our culture’s gang violence problem.

A South Carolina police officer was shot and killed Friday as he and a partner were trying to question a self-professed gang member who they had been told was trying to buy a gun, the chief said.

Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller told a news conference Friday that Officer Allen Jacobs and a second officer got out of their car and were trying to question Deondea Mackey, 17 when he ran from them.

Miller initially said the officers were trying to serve a warrant, but later said police were acting on a report that Mackey, a self-professed gang member with a criminal record, was trying to buy a gun.

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Miller said Jacobs chased Mackey, who ran behind a house. The second officer was on the phone with a dispatcher when he heard gunshots and when he reached the scene, he found Jacobs on the ground, Miller said.

“Our officers who were here on the scene and who responded to assist performed CPR on our officer and the CPR was unsuccessful,” Miller said.

Jacobs was pronounced dead at Greenville Memorial Hospital, CBS affiliate WSPA reported.


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