SCHUMER AND BUDDIES, We Ain’t Gonna Take It: Why the Tea Party Won’t Succumb to IRS Illegal Harassment

don__t_tread_on_me_by_vekticolor-d4w6groRush Limbaugh says the left will always tell you what they’re afraid of. Last week they made very obvious that they’re afraid of the Tea Party. Chuck Schumer said, “They have convinced too much of America that government is the explanation for their all ills.” What an interesting thing to say, that they have convinced too many people. He certainly can’t have people actually paying attention and listening, now can he?

A new poll came out this week showing that a clear majority of Americans think that government is too big and has too much power. So how is this any different than what the Tea Party thinks? How many people have actually bothered to find out what the Tea Party is about or do they just fall for the propaganda, lies that are only being spread by those who are worried about their own job security and power? Go beyond the accusations of racism and hating women.

Those are the last two weapons left to try to shut people up when you can’t defend your policies, because who can defend using the IRS to target people for their politics, or people losing medical coverage they were perfectly happy with? I think the polls are showing their slight-of-hand tactics are no longer working.

You know you’re doing something right when both sides are against you. So why do politicians on both sides of the aisle hate the Tea Party and want to eliminate them? Because they are the target of the Tea Party. They can’t have a group of people around that are actually pointing out that the politicians and government are the problem!

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They only want people around who are good at dividing Americans, that’s why Schumer also said they have to “exploit the differences.” Another Democrat who is all about pitting Americans against each other. What kind of leader wants the people to be against each other just so they aren’t against them? What happened to them being the great uniters?

Politicians loved the Occupy movement because it moved focus off of them and on to Wall Street. Anything to get the focus off of government. The Tea Party threatens the job security of politicians and government entities. It does NOT threaten regular Americans. Schumer’s very comments tell you why the Tea Party is right on target.

He wants to use the IRS to target them. That’s exactly what the Tea Party is getting at, that the government should never be big enough or strong enough to punish Americans for their politics! Schumer goes on to tell us that his goal is to weaken the party. If you think someone has no impact on your life, you don’t give them the time of day. Schumer and buddies are VERY threatened by the Tea Party, which tells you that the party has struck a nerve and is getting too close for comfort.

Mr. Schumer I have news for you. You are placing blame/credit on the Tea Party when it is your own party that is showing why the polls look this way. The Tea Party didn’t pass Obamacare. The Tea Party isn’t using government entities to harass regular people. No, Americans see the government targeting people with the IRS, the EPA, and any other agency they can use. We see and feel the impact of government control over our health care, what we feed our kids, even how we light our homes. Sorry, Chuck, all that is happening is that you guys are proving the Tea Party has been right all along.

I also have one more news flash for Schumer and buddies – you may be able to use your power to make the IRS illegally harass Tea Party groups, but you will never shut them up. Even if they can’t exist as a non-profit like the rest of your lap dogs, they will still get their message out there. YOU are proving the Tea Party is valid by continuing to encourage the government to target Americans, that message is becoming very clear. 


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