SCUM BAG’S FREE RIDE CUT SHORT: Public Outcry Lands Triple Rapist in Jail — Before He Got Away Without Jail Term

article-2508217-19718B7700000578-440_306x423A judge under fire for sparing a triple rapist prison time has agreed to reconsider the sentence.

Alabama Circuit Judge James Woodroof filed an order on Tuesday for 25-year-old Austin Smith Clem to be resentenced.

Clem was convicted this month of raping a teenage girl three times, but the judge suspended his 40-year prison sentence in favor of a community corrections program that allowed him to skip incarceration.

The decision sparked a national outcry, with the victim Courtney Andrews saying she was ‘livid’ and ‘baffled’.

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Andrews, now 20, told MSNBC she was grateful her attacker would be resentenced, but was not hopeful. 

The judge was a childhood friend of the perpetrator’s attorney, Dan Totten.

‘It’s hard for me to put a lot of hope in it, because I don’t want to be let down again. I thought he was going to get prison time before and he didn’t,’ Andrews said.

A jury in September convicted Clem on three counts of rape in a series of sexual assaults on his neighbor and one-time family friend.

Andrews testified that Clem sexually abused her at age 13 and then again when she was 14 and 18.

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