SCUM OF THE EARTH: Jafar Hussain Beat his 4yr Old Daughter to Death for Not Wearing her…

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 10.01.27 AMThere is no mention of his religion in the article, but there is no doubt he is a ‘Religion of Peace’ believer.

A four-year-old girl in a village near Bareilly was killed allegedly by her father for failing to cover her head while having food, Uttar Pradesh police have said.

The incident allegedly happened on Friday noon when the little girl Farheen was having lunch with her mother. The accused Jafar Hussain picked her up and threw her to the ground repeatedly after she did not notice her dupatta slip off her head, police said.

The FIR filed by the girl’s mother said this happened in front of the whole family and that when she tried to stop him , he beat her up. After the girl died he asked his wife to bury her inside the house, but she refused.

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