Sean Spicer Responds to Maxine Waters’ ‘IMPEACHMENT’ Threat to Trump and it is BRUTAL [VIDEO]

It must be so much fun for Spicer to publicly shame all the Democrats and expose their BS. Maxine Waters spewed a lot of it yesterday and the comment could not go without a rebuttal.  Check it out!

“No,” Spicer said, before adding, “I would just say, look, the president is doing everything he can to move this country forward, and I think whether it’s the Democrats in the Senate who are trying to stall the nominees, or these political stunts on the House side, the bottom line is I think you see the support that the president is receiving for his policies throughout the country.”

“It’s because people recognize that A) business as usual is over and that the president’s commitment to both keeping the country safe and growing the economy, creating jobs is something that is welcome by all Americans, regardless of party.

When you see stuff like that, you realize that they really missed the message that voters sent this November.”


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