Second Suspect in London Tube Bombing is a Syrian Migrant [VIDEO]

To no surprise the second man arrested in connection with the Parsons Green London tube bombings is a Syrian migrant.

Yahyah Farouk, 21, was fostered by a British couple who was also caring for a number of refugees. One of which is the 18-year-old currently arrested as the prime suspect in Friday morning’s attack.

Farouk has reportedly been living in the UK over 4 years and is of Damascus-origin.

Authorities captured him outside a Halal fried chicken shop Aladdins in Hounslow, reports The Times.

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Via Breitbart: The Syrian’s Facebook profile included a number of pictures around central London including one of the London Eye tourist attraction with an Arabic phrase from the Koran which translated as “And God would not punish them when they asked forgiveness”, said the paper.

An address on the boundary of Heathrow airport in Stanwell, Surrey, which was searched by police officers on Sunday was Farouk’s home in the United Kingdom and was also linked to the foster carers, whose primary address in Sunbury-on-Thames was raided on Saturday. Ronald and Penelope Jones have fostered hundreds of children and were awarded MBEs by the Queen for their dedication to young people.

It has been reported a total of 30 were injured due to the blast. The bucket bomb was reportedly devised of a liquid ignitor, shrapnel at the bottom and a timer. Luckily the shrapnel did not detonate.



Injuries caused by the attack were severe burns, as well as wounds created due to the stampede caused by the bombing.

The bomb is just the latest in a series of such attacks, predominantly committed by radical Islamist migrants, which have struck Europe over the course of 2017. While London has seen a number of vehicle ramming-knife combination attacks including events at Westminster and London bridge, other European nations including France and Spain have also come under attack.


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