SECURITY BREACH? UK House of Commons Appoints New Muslim Security Chief with Questionable Background

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 10.28.19 AMThis isn’t going to end well for the House of Commons.

A self-described “Moroccan living in the UK” has been appointed serjeant at arms at the House of Commons, a role which requires him to sit in the Chamber and carry the mace. Kamal El-Hajji, the first non-white in the 600 year old post, will take up the job with “the help of Allah”.

The serjeant at arms is responsible for security and keeping order within the Commons part of the parliamentary estate, as well as playing an historic ceremonial role in life of the Parliament. In return, he is remunerated with a salary of £80,000 plus a grace and favour property on the parliamentary estate, meaning that Mr El-Hajji will be living within the grounds of Britain’s Parliament.

However, questions regarding his suitability have been raised following a number of questionable tweets, now deleted from his account.

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Currently, Mr El-Hajji describes himself on Twitter as “Very Passionate about Customer Service, Hospitality, Executive Protection and Aikido,” but according to The Times, until recently he described himself on the social networking site as “a Moroccan living in the UK.”

In a tweet directed to a Moroccan politician he made the same point again, tweeting: “It’s a pleasure to follow you sir, as a Moroccan living in UK, who is proud and loyal to both kingdoms.” That tweet has now been deleted.

And he has flown in the face of civil service convention by using Twitter to assert his political stance. In April, he took to the site to wish Sadiq Khan, Labour’s candidate for London Mayor good luck in the contest, tweeting “We have faith in you and we know you can do it”. That tweet too has now been deleted.

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