‘If You Could See This Or Hear This, I Love You’: Father of Two Pleads for Missing Wife to Come Home as Officials End Search

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 7.58.44 AMEditor’s Note: Hopefully this mother is reunited with her family.

An emotional Kallen Huston begged for help and any information about his missing wife Jennifer Houston today, hours after local officials called off their search for the mother-of-two.

Kallen said he believed finding his wife’s Lexus would be the key to finding her.

‘We really need to find her car,” he said, saying there is a ‘soccer ball-sized U-shaped crack’ identifying the window.

‘Jennifer,’ he said, addressing her directly, ‘if you could see this or hear this, I love you. You have a ton of support from the community. If you can come home, please do. The boys need you. I need you. I love you.

‘We’ll never stop looking for you.”

Huston, from Dundee, Oregon, was captured by surveillance cameras taking out cash at a bank, filling up her car with gas and then buying snacks and sleeping pills at a Rite Aid on July 24.

But the married mom-of-two has not been seen since. Her cell phone stopped working minutes after she was seen at the gas station and she has not used her credit cards in the past week.

Local police called off their search on Friday with one final aerial search across rural roads in the area.

They also visited the San Juan Islands where the family used to visit but made no progress.

‘After [Friday’s] flight, the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office will have covered all rural areas of Yamhill County and no further search efforts are planned for Yamhill County,’ a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said.

‘If additional information arises, search efforts will be resumed as necessary.’

The 40-year-old’s family immediately held a press conference to make clear their search continues.

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