SELF-DEFENSE? Teen Brings Gun to School after Gang Continued to Beat Him Up

Why didn’t the school interfere before it got to this point?

The guardian of one of the Vero Beach teens arrested for bringing a gun to school is speaking out. She’s defending her nephew, saying he is being bullied and brought the gun on campus out of fear.

She says what people don’t know is that a gang is terrorizing and bullying these kids.

She does not condone what he did, by bringing a gun to school, but she wants school officials and law enforcement to investigate this gang before another child feels he has to defend himself.

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“What he did, was a dumb decision he made. That was a really bad decision and I didn’t know it was going on in the school. He didn’t tell me that. I guess he got so fed up,”said the aunt.

She’s the guardian of the 15-year-old boy, arrested for having a gun in his locker at the Freshman Learning Center Monday.

She’s telling her nephew’s story.

The aunt, who the boy lives with, said her nephew is being bullied by a group of boys at school.

“Everywhere they go, they beat him up, well mine. They beat him up, beat him up, beat him up,” she said.

She said that same gang also lives in the neighborhood. She said they jumped him right before the school year started.

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