Self-Proclaimed ‘Trump Supporter’ Breaches Security at Tower With Bag of Weapons & Fireworks… to ‘Study’ for School

This kid should do some studying at home first. Studying what he shouldn’t bring into the President’s home. His story seems to check out but, DANG, this kid isn’t the brightest out there. Don’t you agree?

By Tina Moore and Jamie Schram

A self-proclaimed “survivalist’’ was busted inside Trump Tower with a bag full of weapons and fireworks — and told officials he had breached security there at least once since the election, police sources said Tuesday.

Authorities “believe his story,’’ a law-enforcement source said.

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Alexander Wang, a 19-year-old Baruch College student, was arrested Monday around 6:35 p.m. after strolling into the heavily guarded high-rise at 721 Fifth Ave. — the Manhattan home base of President-elect Donald Trump, sources said.

Wang was stopped by Secret Service at a checkpoint inside the building and asked what he had in the backpack, sources said.

Wang told them about his cache, and when agents checked his bag, they found out he was telling the truth, sources said.

They recovered a large hunting knife, an M100 firecracker, handcuffs, a switchblade, flashlight, 8-foot-long black rope and a garrote, sources said.

Wang — who told cops he is a Trump supporter — said he “always” carries the weapons because he’s a “survivalist” who is also into martial arts and fireworks, sources said.

The teen, who is from upstate Poughquag, told police that he “likes to use the lounge [at Trump Tower] to study” and has been to the tower with his bag of weapons more than 10 times, including two days after Trump was elected, sources said.


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