SELFLESS LOVE: Woman Dies Choosing to Save Un-Born Son

Powerful story. Here is a woman who decided to sacrifice her life, so that her son had a chance to live. Compare that to the feminist blogger who aborted her baby because it was a boy and she hates men.

Tamarac, FL-A 34-year-old woman suffering from a life threatening condition died last week after giving birth to her fourth child.

Suzanne Mazzola, a special education teacher from Tamarac, suffered from placenta accreta, a rare condition that causes the blood vessels in the placenta to attach too deeply to the uterine wall causing severe bleeding.

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Mazzola knew that carrying her unborn son, Owen, 35 weeks could potentially endanger her life. But, she made a brave decision to carry the baby to term, increasing his chances of survival.

After delivering her healthy baby boy via Cesarean Section, Mazzola began to hemorrhage. A team of 15 doctors rushed her to emergency surgery. But, despite their efforts, they were unable to save her.

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