Senate reaches deal on amendments to gun bill

PUSHThe Senate will begin voting Wednesday on nine proposed changes to federal gun legislation, including efforts to expand background checks, ban assault weapons and increase funding for mental health programs.

Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) announced a deal late Tuesday that would allow votes on the legislation, but each of the amendments will need at least 60 votes to be added to the main gun bill.

Senators will consider a bipartisan proposal to expand background checks to cover most commercial gun sales, a plan that lacks sufficient support to pass. They also will vote on Democratic plans to ban military-style assault weapons and limit the size of ammunition magazines; Democratic aides expect that both proposals will not pass.

Votes also will be held on a bipartisan amendment that would make minor changes to the bill’s provisions regarding gun trafficking and a bipartisan plan to provide more funding for mental health programs.

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