SENIOR SENATE STAFFER: The Marco Rubio Story You’ve Never Heard, ‘Directly Mislead Law Enforcement’

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.44.45 AMShows you just what kind of weasel Marco really is.

On today’s program of Breitbart News Daily, Donald Trump’s Senior Policy Adviser, Stephen Miller, shared his never-before publicly discussed insights into Sen. [score]Marco Rubio[/score] (R-FL)’s duplicitous conduct during his push to get the Gang of Eight bill through the Senate.

At that time, Miller served as the communications director for the man who organized opposition to the bill, Senator Sen. [score]Jeff Sessions[/score] (R-AL). Miller recalled how throughout the Gang of Eight push, Sen. Rubio “directly deceived” immigration law enforcement and the American people.

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Miller’s retelling of the event is as follows:

I would love to tell a story for the first time to your incredible listening audience that I think gives some important insight into Mr. Rubio that I’ve never had a chance to tell before…

I want everyone to step into a time machine and go back to 2013 and remember what it was like. Remember the 24/7 media frenzy. Remember the promises: enforcement first, no welfare, no food stamps, we’re going to have the strongest, toughest border security ever, and, of course, no amnesty– all of these claims, by the way, which are still on Mr. Rubio’s website…

And of course all of those claims were bogus: it gave welfare, it gave food stamps, there was no border security, there was no ‘border security first’… But one of the things that we noticed early on in the process was that Mr. Rubio’s Gang of Eight was meeting with all of the open borders special interests in America: whether it be the Chamber of Commerce, whether it be certain tech corporations, whether it be anti-enforcement groups like La Raza, etc. etc. or the White House, which had an office in the Senate to help push through the Gang of Eight bill, a fact that Mr. Rubio never mentions in his many interviews on Fox and elsewhere promoting the bill. So we said, ‘Let’s get in touch with immigration law enforcement and see if maybe Mr. Rubio would be willing to meet with them.’

So we got in touch with one of the most incredible men that deals with immigration… his name is Chris Crane.

Crane said that he said to Rubio, ‘Well, you know, under your bill criminal aliens get legalized.’

And Rubio would say [in response], ‘Oh no, no, no, that’s the not the case at all.’

And then [Crane] said, ‘Well, under your bill, there isn’t any resources or support for ICE.’

[To which] Rubio said, ‘Oh, don’t worry, we’ll put that in there. We’ll give you, ICE, whatever you need. You’ll get it, you’ll get it, you’ll get it.’

And so Crane said that he obtained a commitment from Rubio to put stuff in the bill that Crane felt that ICE officers needed.

And instead what happened was– only a period of hours later– instead of doing anything that he had promised Chris Crane– a marine, ICE officer– that he would do. In the dead of night, Rubio and the Gang of Eight introduced a bill delivering everything they wanted for the special interests. Now a short time after that Marco Rubio, Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Gang of Eight held a press conference. I decided to go and Chris Crane decided to go to watch the press conference and see what was happening. And so they did this magisterial roll out. All of the supporters of the Gang of Eight bill were up there and the Senators were up there and everyone was slapping each other on the back, and it was ‘Morning in America’ is here again.

Chris Crane, who had just been deceived directly by Mr. Rubio, decided that he wanted to ask a question at the press conference. As a citizen, as a marine, as an ICE officer, as a representative of 7,000 other ICE officers, agents and frontline personnel, he said, ‘I’d like to ask a question at the press conference.’ And I was standing next to him at the time. I believe Chuck Schumer was the one who was at the podium taking questions and Rubio was right next to him.

You know how it is at these scrums, someone shouts their question out, and then someone calls [on them]. And so Chris Crane tried and tried and tried, and everybody could hear him asking: ‘Will you take a question from law enforcement? Will you take a question from law enforcement?’

And Mr. Schumer was up there and Mr. Rubio was up there and they wouldn’t take the question. And everyone in the room… was aware that Chris Crane was trying to ask a question and Schumer wouldn’t call on him….

And I was looking at Mr. Rubio and he lookedright at Chris Crane. He saw him there. He had just met with him a few days before, and he saw Schumer refusing to take his question. And instead of stepping up and saying, ‘Of course, we will take a question from a marine, from an ICE officer, and I will happily answer it’– Rubio stood there stone-faced and silent as Schumer refused, refused, refused to take Chris Crane’s question. And then Capitol Hill security came to remove Chris Crane from the venue for having the temerity to ask a question…

Rubio had the chance to step in and say, ‘You don’t need to remove an ICE officer, and marine, from our press conference. Of course, we’ll take his question.’

No, Rubio saw them take Chris Crane and remove him from the room and said nothing. Then later on when he was asked about it in subsequent media interviews he said, ‘Oh that’s unfortunate, they shouldn’t have done it.’ But when he had a chance to show an iota of independence– one scrap of independence from Chuck Schumer and side with an American marine and ICE officer– Rubio chose to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm with Chuck Schumer as an American marine was forced to suffer the indignity of being removed from Marco Rubio’s Gang of Eight press conference. That’s the story I want to tell today…”

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