serfdomIt is succinctly not lost on modern American freemen and free women that the current regime of social progressive jack weasel politicians allied with their RINO surrogates and the psychophants of the DC Liberal K Street Latte Lobby Club are dead set in de-escalating American Exceptionalism to the level reminiscent of Romanov-era manorialism. Serfdom is most aptly described as a condition of servitude of an individual that works the land yet who owes faith and fealty to a king who owns that land in exchange for protection and sustenance from the king and hoping that by the end of the day one’s lord or king doesn’t cut one’s head off in a bad crop year.

That’s the early model of what occurs when you don’t “pay your fair share” with your definitional “share” being a condition of intellectually challenged whimsy based on a subjective means test diversity model administered by an inbred elitist blue blood that only bathes twice a year.

Today we call them “constitutional scholars”. They shoot skeet too.

However, in the modern American Hunger Games of Serfdom, the serfs [the taxpayers] owe the king [Obamalamadingdong Rex] faith and fealty [lots of taxes] in order for us to pay for underage Dominican hookers frottaging in Senator Bobby Menendez’s casa de putas, Obamalamadingdong-care and a host of other entitlements to the social progressive house slaves [pro-gummint non-taxpayers] of the Congressional Black Caucus, pro-illegal immigration cabals, Planned Parenthood and NPR supporters who sit cozily cloistered behind O Rex’s high walls of Section-8 housing vouchers while enjoying a surfeit of fun times and celebrating all things Obamalicious.

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[WARNING: NSFW language…particularly from King Obamalamadingdong’s audio book]

While crude, the video does make a point, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately for O Rex there is much grumbling amongst the hard-working tax paying serfs in their efforts to support his Social Progressive Party Clowns of Alinsky that the serfing taxpayers are now criminalized for not “paying their fair share” with yet more penalty taxes for having the inability or enthusiasm to pay into an onerous healthcare system that we can’t see what’s in it until after they passed it. Naturally, it would follow, that to cease the  growing grousing complaints of the working serfs [the non-working serfs already being mollified and mesmerized by Hollyweird violence/porn on their gummint-issued big screen TVs] it would appear that O-Rex is taking cues from historical red bait gun-grabbers like Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot.

Notice how well that turned out.


Get the guns, quell the grumbling and, if O-Rex has to, start lighting up the drones on American citizens. Call it a “necessary gummint evil”. “Who needs that silly old ‘due process’ thingy anyway? I’m Chicago Jesus too. Come and meet your Maker…PEW…PEW…PEW!!!”, thunders Obamalamadingdong Rex. “Michelle! Bring me a bacon, lettuce and Hellfire missile sammich with extra mayo and Gore! I’m bustin’ a nut on the unbelievers!”

Fortunately, there are many brave taxpaying serfs that just ain’t havin’ it.

Molon Labe squared, my brother.

Here’s another dissatisfied customer:

Molon Labe CUBED, my sister. Tingle on that, Miss Chrissie Matthews.

Of course another court jester of “good gummint”, the Rev Jesse Jackass, and the minions of PMSNBC tingly-legged booty-kissers protest otherwise that only O Rex can protect them as they appear demonstrably unable and/or unwilling to take personal responsibility to protect themselves and now must supplicate, petition and genuflect to O-Rex that he must loose the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers of Napolitano-ites from DHS to save them from themselves. Is it an inconvenient query that if the Homeland of Chicago Jesus is a gun-free zone then why do they have more gun deaths than the battlefields of Afghanistan where you can get an AK-47 for 2 goats and a pack of Marlboros?

I say we ban Chicago so we’ll all be safer.

Such is the vaunted reputation of the Napolitano-ites fearless actions of stemming the drug trade on the Southern Hinterlands of Montezuma’s Revenge, capturing man-caused disaster makers at many Obamaland air ports with their X-ray eye machines and running the most successful lesbian led purge against those evil MEN hogging the urinals in DHS lavatories [OK, that one is true] that the Seneschal of the Napolitano-ites is being proffered the Big Chair and a set of comfortable shoes in the Oval Office after

O Rex’s departure in 2016.

Read it and weep, America…this is Man Who Would Be King:

In other interesting news that serves as a contemptuous contretemps to the illiterate liberal gibberish of Jesse Jackass, it appears that even Newtown, Obamaland [O Rex won there handily in 2012] tripped over the Clue Box near the school house Kill Box door and decided to follow the NRA’s lead despite the massive ululations from the Brady Bill Bunch. Some eeevil conservative gun ninjas must’ve poisoned their local water supply with some “smart pills”.

It is becoming grotesquely apparent that, absent a thorough reading of the history of any empire in the modern age, when one, as King, starts stepping on the serfs’ piggly wigglies [especially armed serfs] then the serfs in all likelihood may start stepping forward to Hang Ten as their forefathers at Lexington and Concord did. Don’t forget that they have more feet that you, Mr King.

Watch out, O Fresh Prince of Punahou…SERFS UP and it’s gettin’ deep…let’s see you tread water…this ain’t no Beach Blanket Bingo.


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