Seriously, Hillary? Hillary Clinton Claims US Political System is ‘the Most Difficult, Even Brutal, in the World’ [Video]

Editor’s Note: It might be pretty safe to say that women in other countries might not agree with Hillary Clinton’s assertion that America has the most brutal political system. She may be forgetting all the nations where women cannot hold political office or where the wrong views will result in the loss of a body part.

Hillary’s having a hard week. And her Sunday talk show circuit didn’t help much. In an interview with CBS Sunday host Jane Pauley, Clinton pretty much disregarded the real struggle of women… everywhere.

Pauley asked a question which seemed to suggest that we must elect a woman. Via Daily Caller:

Who is the viable woman of either party who could win a primary nomination in 2016, if not you?

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While Hillary said there were a number of “qualified” women who could run, she then noted that running for office in the United States as a woman is not a piece of cake.

“Politics is so unpredictable,” Clinton responded. “Whoever runs has to recognize that the American political system is probably the most difficult, even brutal, in the world.”

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